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Metrix provides consulting for IT Technology, Cyber Security, Advanced Defense & Policing Technologies, Intelligent Networks, and Information Security.

Our services for corporate range from complete corporate security process management, IT security and data protection from hackers, application security and information security services.

We work with various major law enforcement agencies & intelligence units for lawful interception, cyber café surveillance, link analysis and technical research to combat the growing threat of hacking being used in terrorism..


SAP Security Assessments

Build for on-premise SAP security deployments for distributed organizations. Provide deep visibility, detection & response for enterprise threat hunting capabilities. Breach & Phishing Simulation, Threat Intel along with analytics fix gaps in SAP defenses.


People Risk & Assessment Machine

People risk assessment simulates the attack vector in real-time and monitors every action and behaviour of the employee towards the simulated attack calculating the Employee Vulnerability Score (EVS), to make them aware against attack vector.


Metrix Orchestration Suite

As the market-leading provider of security policy Orchestration, Metrix takes a policy based approach to automate change request to boost security and increase agility for the world's largest organisation and the most complex networks.


Securing Intelligence

We work hard to protect your company's information and help you comply with regulations. We provide you our three competitive benefits of Information Risk Assessment that make our total value of ownership much greater than any other security solutions.

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